Laura O'Sullivan, A.D.C.R.G.
Maureen Armstrong, A.D.C.R.G.
Camille Klein, T.C.R.G.

How Long Does it Take to Learn?

Dancers start learning in soft shoes (traditionally called "ghillies") for girls or reel shoes for boys. Immediately, you'll see a beginner dancer learn their "threes and sevens." This is the foundation of all Irish dance. You'll watch a dancer develop poise and grace, always improving body alignment. As the student advances, you'll see them be able to execute more complex steps and to be able to lift him/herself across the stage with the grace of a deer. By this time you'll become aware that there are features to dancing that are distinctly Irish and not found among other dances. The four main soft shoe dances are: the Reel, Light Jig, Single Jig, and Slip Jig. Below are some samples of music.

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